“This piece is great and you got it to us with plenty of time to spare.  Thanks!”
Glen Howie, editor of Bacon magazine

“I love the Elevator Etiquette article!” 
Bryan Smith, co-founder of Bacon magazine

“Your article on cyberbullying was really very well done and a pleasure to read.” 
Anita Thomas, founder and editor-in-chief of Geekstreet.ca

“I truly enjoyed your article Should I Stay or Should I Go?, particularly the part on protecting in place which is very clear and instructive.”
Dr. Guylene Proulx, Fire Research Institute of Canada

Airline Etiquette is an entertaining and informative read.” 
Lisa Monforton, features and travel editor of the Calgary Herald

The Paperless Real Estate Office is a great piece!  Very informative and interesting.  It was nice to get the different perspectives of a number of Realtors.” 
Matthew Collis, IXACT Contact Solutions

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This is what a fellow writer had to say after I converted her manuscripts to e-books:  

"I am so impressed by the work Toby Welch did for me regarding my ebooks. Like so many, I was utterly intimidated by the ebook translation process, and could not imagine trying to figure out how to do it myself. But. I had an out of print book to which I had regained copyright, and I had a few loose pieces looking to get out into the electronic world. Toby to the rescue! In her work for me she was clear, timely, considerate, and pleasant about the steps of the process and my part in them. The result? I am over the moon pleased and impressed by this amazing woman. I suggest anyone who finds themselves in a boat similar to mine to ask Toby to help turn your languishing prose into ebooks. And her prices are soooo reasonable."

J. Jill Robinson
Banff Alberta