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Age is Just a Number

July 6th, 2016

Bundesstraße 100 number.svg
Don't believe for even a
moment that just because you are approaching older age that you shouldn't give writing a try. In fact, being older can be an advantage as you've experienced more than most people so you have ample writing fodder. Harry Bernstein didn't publish his first book, The Invisible Wall, until 2007 when he was 96. Toyo Hibata started writing poetry when she was 92 and when she ...

You Ready to Blog?

May 18th, 2016

Congratulations - you’ve decided you want to give blogging a try! Where do you start? First you need to decide on a venue. If you already have a website, that might be the ideal place to blog. Looking beyond that, you’ll find a number of easy-to-use websites to blog on; some are free and some are relatively inexpensive. I hear is popular as there is no cost and it is easy for even ...

Get Writerly Respect

April 23rd, 2016

It is a complaint from many of my fellow writers – you get no support from those around you. So how can you get others to be a cheerleader for your writing? You need to take yourself seriously so others will take your writing seriously. Take writing classes to better yourself, as you would with any other “hobby”. If possible, set up a place in your home for your writing, even if it is a close ...

Inspirational Story

March 25th, 2016

Looking for a little inspiration when you are questioning whether or not you should stick with writing? Look no further than Donal Ryan's story.

In 2013, Ryan's debut novel, The Spinning Heart, made the longlist of 13 for the world's most important literary prize, the Man Booker Prize. Ryan's book was rejected 47 times before it was finally published by Lilliput Press in Dublin, Ireland. It ...

Writer's Block - Real or Hoax?

February 5th, 2016

Writer's block.                              

    Those two words
    have such power
    over many writers.
    But are we giving
    them too much clout?

Many writers look at a blank piece of paper or an empty computer screen and feel a trickle of panic run up their spine. That emotional rush can lead to an irrational fear of failing. That can lead to no writing getting done. The person ...

Writing Heroes

January 8th, 2016


It's important to have heroes in this business that you look up to; they can keep you motivated and inspire you. They may only wear a cape when sitting in front of their keyboard but they rock! Here are my top ten literary heroes:

Emily Dickinson - Sure, she is beloved now but out of her nearly 2,000 works, only a handful of poems were published during her lifetime.

Stephen King - Anyone ...

The Joys of Google Docs

December 22nd, 2015

I’m not typically one to rave about a product unless it changes my writing life. Today I am going to rave about Google Docs.

I am certain there are other programs out there that do the same thing as Google Docs but I doubt any of them are easier for a non-techie like me to use. I have used Gmail for years - love that, too - and logging in to Google Docs through my Gmail takes the click of on ...

Exciting Writing Weekend

November 6th, 2015
Last weekend was the best writing weekend I’ve had in years.

Back in March of this year, the program manager for the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild contacted me. She asked if I would be willing to do a presentation on how to market yourself as a writer during their annual conference in late October. It’s been a few years since I last did a writing-related speech (one on income tax for writers) s ...

The Trend of Verbifying Words

October 14th, 2015

One trend I've noticed with writers in the new millennium is to verbify words. The practice involves taking a noun and making it into a verb. When Clint Eastwood mock-interviewed Barack Obama in 2012 and acted like the U.S. president was sitting in the empty chair beside him, “Eastwooding” was an often-used verb for months afterward when people referenced talking to an empty chair. “Xero ...

The Challenge of Self-Imposed Deadlines

August 21st, 2015

I struggle with self-imposed deadlines. When I'm working on an article for a magazine editor who has given me a deadline, meeting the deadline is never a problem. In my mind it is carved in stone and it is non-negotiable that I meet or beat the deadline.

But when I set deadlines for myself, I know they're not rigid so I often have trouble sticking to them. This obviously affects my writing ...

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