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My Favorite Writing Books

August 19th, 2017


 I just read an awesome book - How I Write: The Secret Lives of Authors. With contributions from sixty writers that chronicle how they write and what inspires them, this book makes you think about your own writing life. This book is just one of my many favorites. I also highly recommend:

The Write Track: How to Succeed as a Freelance Writer in Canada by Betty Jane Wylie - Geared for us C ...

Internet Denial

July 16th, 2017

One prolific writer finds he works best when he hasn’t been online. He declares his writing days “No Internet Access” days and won’t go online until he is done with his ‘creative and productive’ time.  Another writer is adamant about this. “If you use a computer, turn off your Internet. I know that is hard to do but you also know you will get twice as much done that way.”

As a writer, the In ...

Top 10 Traits Writers Need to Have

May 31st, 2017
Being a writer isn't for everyone. In my humble opinion, the more of these characteristics you have, the greater your chances of success as a writer will be.

Perseverance - to keep you going when all you want to do is quit

Thick-skinned - so rejection letters and disappointment don’t undercut your confidence

Stubborn - it can be a good thing sometimes to ‘stick to your guns’

Time manageme ...

Find Your Best Writing Environment

March 29th, 2017


Not clear what your ideal writing environment is?
Think back to when you first started writing. Arguably the most challenging time for each writer is when they are first starting to write; they haven’t had time to establish a supportive routine. Beginners do what feels right to get to a place where they can get the words out; the circumstances they are drawn to a ...

Works in Progress - To Share or Not to Share?

February 20th, 2017

Some writers discuss what they are working on with anyone who will listen; it's their way to get validation or to encourage themselves to keep going. They show every draft to anyone willing to share their opinion on how it reads. Other writers refuse to disclose one detail about what, if anything, they are working on. Only when the piece is polished and as close to perfect as it will ever be ...

Writing Rituals

December 31st, 2016

File:Flickr - cyclonebill - Vindruer.jpg

Writers who can write anywhere and under any conditions are the luckiest. Having to go through rituals or having to work in specific circumstances seems to make the task of writing a heck of a lot more challenging. Yet it is a reality for most of us -- we need to go through an obstacle course of rituals in order to be able to flush out our words.

As you go about your writing life, strive to ...

Wrangling Research

November 12th, 2016
How to do research has become a conundrum in the modern era. All too often writers just do a little surfing online and think their research is done. Wrong! It is vital you consider the source of the information.

Internet search twenty twenty five percent.JPG

When researching, the Internet is a great starting point. It can fill in dead spots about whatever you are writing about. It can help narrow the focus of your piece. But the red caut ...

Motivate Your Writing Self

September 10th, 2016

File:Stick and carrot.svg

I picked the brains of a few of my fellow writers on how they get motivated to write. Here are a smattering of them:

“I have a particular CD I play on the computer when I'm writing that absolutely guarantees to put me into the writing zone. Also, it's very important for writers to get out in nature, or out to a regular exercise program to keep up the physical energy needed when writing.” Col ...

Age is Just a Number

July 6th, 2016

Bundesstraße 100 number.svg
Don't believe for even a
moment that just because you are approaching older age that you shouldn't give writing a try. In fact, being older can be an advantage as you've experienced more than most people so you have ample writing fodder. Harry Bernstein didn't publish his first book, The Invisible Wall, until 2007 when he was 96. Toyo Hibata started writing poetry when she was 92 and when she ...

You Ready to Blog?

May 18th, 2016

Congratulations - you’ve decided you want to give blogging a try! Where do you start? First you need to decide on a venue. If you already have a website, that might be the ideal place to blog. Looking beyond that, you’ll find a number of easy-to-use websites to blog on; some are free and some are relatively inexpensive. I hear is popular as there is no cost and it is easy for even ...

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