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Pimp Up Your Writing Website

May 19th, 2019


Most writers have the same thing on their website – a bio, a list of their works, and a contact page. But don’t settle for having the same ho-hum content as the majority of your fellow writers. It’s time to kick your web presence up a notch! (You do have a website for your writing by now, don’t you?)

According to a Nielson Net Ratings survey of the usage patterns of Internet users worldwide, ...

Day versus Night Writing

May 12th, 2019

The daytime versus night time writing dilemma has waged for centuries. Despite most writers’ attempts to be able to write when it best suits their schedule, it seems that what time works best for most writers is beyond their control. A writer who admits she is addicted to fruit only writes between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. “I must have complete silence. I can’t have people or music or anything around ...

A Word of Caution About Publishing E-books

May 5th, 2019

I am a huge fan of e-books. They have opened the publishing world to thousands if not millions of writers who otherwise would not have their words published. E-books are a creative outlet that allow people to write and share their work that perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise left their desk drawer or computer hard drive.

But this relatively new outlet does come at a cost. Because it’s so easy t ...

The Necessity of Being Specific in What You Write

April 29th, 2019

When you want to write a magazine article or get a book published, the more specific the topic, the more likely you are to get the thumbs up from an editor.

If you don’t have a specific slant, an idea is usually too generic. It would be like sending an editor a pitch about reducing your household water consumption. There’s nothing wrong with the idea but the editor won’t be itching to hire y ...

Writing Goals

April 23rd, 2019

File:Finish (6843346474).jpg 

Writing goals are like a blueprint of where you want to go in your writing journey.

Are you well on your way to meeting your writing goals? Or should you set new ones? Did you set your original goals with low expectations? You have a two options – you can aim to reach the goals you have already set and then bask in the knowledge you were successful or you can reset your goals, taking into c ...

Top 10 Pieces of Advice From Famous Writers

April 15th, 2019

Those who have had writing success share nuggets of wisdom:

Dr. Seuss - “Virtually every page is a cliff-hanger—you’ve got to force them to turn it.”

Stephen King - “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.”

Jack London - “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have t ...

Judging Writing Contests

April 7th, 2019


When I was first asked to judge a writing competition, I’ll admit I was flattered. They wanted ME! Who wouldn’t take that as a compliment? It was the first annual writing competition this organization was hosting. Not only that, it was going to be international. They expected to be flooded with thousands of entries. To deal with the impending deluge of sub ...

Find More Writing Time: Minutes, Not Hours

March 31st, 2019


When trying to find writing time, stop thinking in terms of hours and think of minutes. Angela England, the author of 30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook, is a fan of using snippets of time. “I keep my document open when I’m working on a big project like an ebook. When I have five or 10 minutes, I write. Hard core, no editing, nothing but writing. I write around 100 words in five ...

The Best Blog Post I’ve Ever Read

March 24th, 2019

I’m a voracious reader and I read a lot of writing blogs. When I read this post by Jeff Goins on his blog at, I wanted to stand up and cheer. Goins, a writer and motivator, summed up so many of my writing pet peeves and expressed what makes a good writer in such simple language. Being good isn't complicated and Goins, in my very humble opinion, summed it up perfectly. Here is ...

Coming Up With Blog Topics

March 18th, 2019

The most important consideration when coming up with blog topics is to offer something of value to the reader. Some people just wanted to be entertained whereas others want to learn something. As a writer, you have the ability to satisfy at least one of those criteria but preferably both. So, what should you blog about? It needs to be something you know more about that the average person; a l ...

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