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Now that I have unburied my head from the sand, I see that I haven’t posted an entry on here in almost 10 months.  I blame it on my e-book addiction.  When not doing the necessities of life - sleeping, eating, doing laundry, working, flossing my teeth, and such - I have been writing e-books.  I can’t believe I stalled for almost two years from the time the e-book idea burrowed into my brain to the time I first published one. 


Back in April 2011 I published a fiction e-book, Benefit of Doubt.  It is a woman’s romance that I had written a few years prior and peddled unsuccessfully to agents and editors.  Getting a few sales from that, I was spurred to try a non-fiction work as I’d heard that non-fiction in general sells better than fiction.  I penned a book on general writing prompts and it did even better.  I liked the writing prompts idea so I stuck with that and wrote a book on writing prompts that was geared just for writers. 


My fourth e-book was a compilation of almost 40 articles on real estate that is geared for realtors, Advice for Realtors From Realtors.  My fifth was a diary-like book on what is like to be a full-time freelance writer.  I kept track of my daily activities and 55 Days in the Life of a Freelance Writer was published. 


In the fall of 2011, I wrote an article for WestWord magazine on how to publish an e-book.  Over the month of December, I added to the article in pieces and published e-book #6, No More Excuses!: Write That E-book Now.  As I am such an e-book addict, that was probably the easiest one to write. 


At the start of 2012, I turned my attention to a book idea that had been percolating in my mind - questions to ask your future spouse.  I am always surprised by how little the two people in a couple can sometimes know about one another.  I started jotting down question as they came to me in the weeks that followed and 555 Questions to Ask a Potential Mate was published; that was number 7. 


Just today I published #8 and #9.  I love doing the question type e-books so I wrote a book on speed dating questions to practice with before you try speed dating.  The other is a book of erotica, published under a pen name, something I have never done in my entire writing career.  It was almost too easy to write and it will be interesting to see how it does.  As a fellow writer so blatantly put it - Sex Sells!  You never know….


I will start on e-book #10 in the next day or two.  I’m leaning towards one on how to live well into old age (the majority of deaths in the western world are premature and avoidable) or I might do one on random acts of kindness as an inspirational piece.  Whichever I decide on, I have no doubt it will help feed my e-book addiction. 


That said, I promise to get on here more than once every ten months to update my blog.