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Stories of E-book Success

March 26th, 2015

Stories of e-book success are inspiring. Take Paul Pilkington, a British university lecturer. He self-published The One You Love, the first book in a mystery trilogy. He offered the book for free and went on to sell more than 150,000 copies of book two and three in the series, books he self-published himself. Once he hit the top of the Amazon Kindle US and UK 
charts, literary agents started c ...


March 16th, 2015
As a writer, you have many exciting firsts. The first time you see your name in print. The first time your byline appears online. The first time you get paid for your writing. The first time you receive a letter or e-mail from a reader. My favorite was the first time I was paid to fly to the Caribbean to write an article.

I figured that after eleven years in the industry, my chance of having ...