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The Importance of Not Comparing Yourself to Other Writers

May 30th, 2020

Shanan, a writer and the creator of The Procrastiwriter website, shared in a genius blog post why we should stop comparing ourselves to other writers:

“If you’re reading this, the odds that you have at least one social media account are pretty decent. And if you’re a questionable human being like me, you’ve probably had at least one friend tied to your social media networks whose carefully c ...

Top 10 Evergreen Topics

May 11th, 2020

No matter how much time passes, some topics never go out of writing style. They are handy fall-back subjects to cover when you are looking for ideas to write about. And if you can cover the topic in a fresh and exciting way, editors will love you for it.

- Sex
- Money
- Food
- Relationships 
- Weight loss
- Family
- Holidays
- Careers/Jobs
- Home improvement
- Pets and pet care

Happy writing!