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What NOT to Include in a Writer’s CV

September 29th, 2019

What doesn’t a CV include? Don’t touch on the following facts or you’ll probably do more harm than good with your CV:

- what you charge or any other aspect of payment issues

- hobbies or interests you have unless they directly relate to your writing

- total number submissions you’ve made to literary agents or editors

- the number of unwritten works that are lingering in your head

- the n ...

Sections in a Writer’s CV

September 21st, 2019

Before we get started on the CV, let me stress the importance of presentation. Now is not the time to use a wacky font; not only will it annoy the reader but it firmly plants you in the amateur category. Use only black ink on white paper; skip the floral paper and pink ink even if you specialize in horticultural writing. Use bullets, indents, and other word processing options to make the docu ...

The Importance of a Kick Ass Writer’s CV

September 14th, 2019

What’s the deal with writer’s CVs? And do you need one?
The answer is that a standout writer's CV is crucial and yes, you need one. This is such an important aspect of your writing journey that I'll take four or five blog entries to cover all aspects of a writing CV.

A CV, short for curriculum vitae, is basically a resume for your writing life.  The document includes all aspects of what you h ...

My Top 10 Travel Writing Tips

September 8th, 2019



Before the economy took a hit a few years ago, I did a fair bit of travel writing, visiting countries across the globe. I picked up a few tidbits that helped me become a better travel writer:

- Look for the uncovered. Everyone has done stories about the Coliseum in Rome but how about writing about the goat farmers who supply their goats milk to the shops in Rome that serve cappuccinos ...

Writing Time + Kids

September 1st, 2019

Blogger Paul Sonsteby discovered the key to finding more time in his life to write: his children. “I know it’s contrary to the norm, but the best thing that has happened to my writing time has been my kids. Suddenly, I had a completely different value for all of my time. Most of it didn’t belong to me, and I became obsessive about being productive with what remained, and I even tried to blend ...