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10 Ways to Make Your Writing Sparkle

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Writing that pops is so much more fun to read than boring words that belong in a 1940s textbook. But how can you make sure your writing is electrifying? Here are a few tips:

Start with a bang. Draw them in immediately.

Use action verbs. "He crumpled to the ground" is more powerful than "He fell."

Use adverbs sparingly.

Use active voice instead of passive, if possible.

Use vivid imagery. People form mental pictures when they read.

Get rid of the unnecessary words. They aren't necessary!

Avoid cliches.

Eliminate your crutch words, the words you overuse.

Only include dialogue if it moves the piece forward, not just for the sake of adding dialogue.

Finish with a satisfying ending that ties everything up neatly.

In everything you write, make sure every word packs as much of a punch as you can.