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Get Writerly Respect

It is a complaint from many of my fellow writers – you get no support from those around you. So how can you get others to be a cheerleader for your writing? You need to take yourself seriously so others will take your writing seriously. Take writing classes to better yourself, as you would with any other “hobby”. If possible, set up a place in your home for your writing, even if it is a closet or a corner in your laundry room. Set up a bookkeeping system to keep track of your writing profits and expenses, even if your costs exceed your profits ten to one. Join writing organizations. Attend writing events and writing conferences. Find ways to meet and connect with other writers.

Don’t give up your writing time. Treat it like the sacred time it is. If you are writing Wednesday night from seven until nine and your friend calls to invite herself over for a night of playing cards and watching Survivor, say you already have plans. Don’t get defensive or feel you have to explain yourself – you don’t. For people pleasers this will be tough but you can do it!

Keep writing where it belongs on your list of priorities. Laundry and mopping the kitchen floor can wait until you get your words out of your head and on to paper (or into the computer). Of course there are times your writing has to take a back seat. If your child falls off the swing and breaks his arm, your writing time has to wait until you are done at the hospital. If your spouse is stranded in a snowstorm and tow trucks are backlogged for seven hours, you may need to go get him or her before they turn into a Popsicle.

Barring a life or death emergency, keep writing high on your list of priorities.