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Age is Just a Number

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Don't believe for even a
moment that just because you are approaching older age that you shouldn't give writing a try. In fact, being older can be an advantage as you've experienced more than most people so you have ample writing fodder. Harry Bernstein didn't publish his first book, The Invisible Wall, until 2007 when he was 96. Toyo Hibata started writing poetry when she was 92 and when she was 99, she self-published Don't Be Too Frustrated, which went on to sell 1.5 million copies. Her second book was published on her 100th birthday. Ethel Wilson published her first book, Hetty Dorval, when she was 59. These writers are a very small part of a very long list of people who began their writing careers in the second half of their lives. Don't let your age be the reason you don't pursue your writing dreams.