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Motivate Your Writing Self

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I picked the brains of a few of my fellow writers on how they get motivated to write. Here are a smattering of them:

“I have a particular CD I play on the computer when I'm writing that absolutely guarantees to put me into the writing zone. Also, it's very important for writers to get out in nature, or out to a regular exercise program to keep up the physical energy needed when writing.” Colleen S.

“When feasible, working on a few projects through the day seems to keep boredom at bay and the keyboard reasonably busy.” Ron M.

“I do sometimes find it difficult to tear myself away from other responsibilities but knowing that I have weekly and monthly goals written down tends to niggle away at me. When that alone isn't strong enough motivation and I'm finding I'm working on other things instead, I create a date for the next day for me to sit and do nothing but write for an hour. That usually gets me right back on track.” Janet L.

“I now have a sticky-note pasted to the left of my computer screen where it's highly visible. It reads, “Is what I'm doing right now leading to getting a manuscript (or project) completed?” It's a great motivator. Others may find it helpful pasted to the TV.” Diane M.

“I’ve never had a problem being motivated to write. I simply force myself to do it. There does seem to be a kind of cycle, where I might go for a month or so without doing much writing and then will experience a flurry of writing activity for the next few months. It always comes around, and I always seem to be able to make time for it.” Carol M.

“If you truly can't get motivated, get up and do something totally different. Take a walk, mow the lawn (or clear the snow), till the garden.” Don H.

“My motivation to write is purely exercise, I feel better after I jot down a few words. Writing work aside, I keep the pen flowing by summing up a day in Haiku -- short and sweet yet it's a workout for the mind.” Helen Y.

“I'm afraid I'm like the hound dog. It's said you can't make them track, but make it a game and they'll do it to the best of their ability. I guess that's my 'secret'. I do it when I want. It's fun. Like the hound dog, make it fun and you can't keep me away.” Daniel S.

“I set aside writing time in my Daytimer, and I never pick up the phone when I’m writing.” Barb H.

Figure out what motivates you and embrace it like a long-lost friend! Happy writing!