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Works in Progress - To Share or Not to Share?

Some writers discuss what they are working on with anyone who will listen; it's their way to get validation or to encourage themselves to keep going. They show every draft to anyone willing to share their opinion on how it reads. Other writers refuse to disclose one detail about what, if anything, they are working on. Only when the piece is polished and as close to perfect as it will ever be do others find out about the project. Even then it's like trying to get blood from a stone when interested parties want details.

There is no right or wrong thing to do in this situation. You decide what feels like the best choice in your writing world.

Personally I never share anything I've written until I've finished editing it a dozen times and it's ready to be published. I may tell a select few writing friends what I am working on but I never delve into details. I don't share such things with non-writing friends as I prefer to avoid seeing their eye glaze over as they strive not to yawn.

If you do share your works in progress with others, don't give them the power to stifle your creativity or make you second guess yourself if they come back with negative reviews. Until your work is ready to go out into the world, the only opinion that matters is yours.