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Top 10 Traits Writers Need to Have

Being a writer isn't for everyone. In my humble opinion, the more of these characteristics you have, the greater your chances of success as a writer will be.

Perseverance - to keep you going when all you want to do is quit

Thick-skinned - so rejection letters and disappointment don’t undercut your confidence

Stubborn - it can be a good thing sometimes to ‘stick to your guns’

Time management skills - writing time isn’t always abundant and you have to carve it out wherever you can

Ability to keep your ass-in-chair - the only way to be a writer is to actually write

Imagination - without it, your work may be boring

Discipline - a very necessary skill if you want to write more than 100 words a year

Patience - the literary world sometimes crawls along at a slow pace

Creative - writers who think outside the cube have an advantage

Risk-taker - the ability to go out on that limb is a valuable asset