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Top 10 Reasons Not to Burn Your Work


We’ve all been there. You’ve written something that you believe is so crappy that you want to start a bonfire and toss the whole pile of papers into the middle of the flames. Before you dig out the lighter fluid, think twice.

- It’s probably not as bad as you think it is.

- Chances are there is something salvageable amongst the crap.

- You may be able to use sections of it in future works.

- An idea written down, no matter how atrocious, is worth saving as it holds more value than an idea not written down. I hope that makes sense...

- If it’s fiction, a character or two might be worth holding onto.

- It doesn’t take much space to store a few sheets of paper or a document on a USB so you can’t use the excuse of no room to store it.

- A first draft is a necessary step to a polished finished draft.

- In hindsight, looking back at earlier writing can help you see how far you’ve gone in your writing journey.

- What you believe is crap may be the seed that leads down the road to an awesome piece of work. Don’t toss out a seed!

- Down the road, chances are high you will regret burning it.