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Writers on Location

I met a fellow writer while walking my dog. She admitted that she does her best writing in cemeteries. There is a graveyard within walking distance of her home and she finds them anywhere she goes. As she pointed out, while most people don’t give much thought to cemeteries, you can find them almost anywhere. Her favorite one is five minutes from where she works and she feels like she is in a place of solitude when she is there. What is so ideal about writing in a cemetery? Unlike her workplace, which is a constant stream of people, and unlike her home, which is filled with kids and surrounded by loud neighbors, a cemetery is peaceful. Day or night, you are guaranteed a quiet and serene writing time unless there is a service going on. She made another point - people leave you alone in cemeteries and assume you are there to visit someone who died. Why tell them that their assumption is wrong?

The following week, a writer shared her love of going to orchestra rehearsals; she claims she gets her best and most productive writing done at such events. She was surprised how many musical groups have open rehearsals and while most of them are free, a few charge up to $10. But that is a pittance to pay, she claims, when she is able to get so much work done at a typical rehearsal. At the orchestra rehearsal she attended on last December 2nd, she was able to get over 3,000 words written and, as she pointed out, they were almost perfect words with little ‘literary waste’. Why are orchestra rehearsals so great? “You get a comfortable seat in a perfect climatic environment and the music uplifts your soul. No one is trying to talk your ear off and people leave you alone. With such ideal conditions, it’s almost impossible not to have a productive writing session.”

Wherever you write, I hope the words flow effortlessly. Happy writing!