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Day versus Night Writing

The daytime versus night time writing dilemma has waged for centuries. Despite most writers’ attempts to be able to write when it best suits their schedule, it seems that what time works best for most writers is beyond their control. A writer who admits she is addicted to fruit only writes between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. “I must have complete silence. I can’t have people or music or anything around at all. I can’t write in the daytime when other people are awake. It’s weird - if I know people are awake around me or if there’s sunlight coming into the room, I just feel like I can’t write.”

It can be tough when your body’s circadian rhythms don’t line up with your schedule. I would love my most productive writing time to be between seven and ten a.m. Unfortunately my body doesn’t agree. I do my best writing when I am able to sleep in until noon and then write from 10 p.m. to two or three in the morning. Unfortunately the world isn’t geared to accommodate people such as myself.

Regardless of whether you are able to write during your most productive times or not, be careful that you don’t avoid writing just because you can’t do it when you would most like to. That would qualify to be on the top ten list of lame excuses for not writing.