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Habits of Famous Writers

Here are some habits of literary geniuses:

Truman Capote had to write lying down on his bed or couch with a pencil in one hand and a drink in the other. The drinks each day ran the gamut from coffee to mint tea to sherry and finally martinis.

John Grisham as a beginning writer would be at his desk at 5:30 a.m., his first cup of coffee in hand.

William Faulkner had to have whiskey around when he was drinking.

Maya Angelou checks into a hotel room, removes pictures from the walls, and writes while lying on the bed with a bottle of sherry, a deck of cards for solitaire, a thesaurus, and a copy of the bible.

Garth Stein listens to pumping music such as the Beastie Boys or R.E.M.

Richard Wright took his lined, yellow legal pad, fountain pen, and a bottle of ink to a park near his home where he wrote on a bench at the top of a hill.

Philip Roth writes on a lectern. When he is thinking he paces, returning to the lectern to jot down words.

Francine Prose wrote while wearing her husband’s flannel pyjama pants and a t-shirt.

Toni Morrison has to write early, usually around five a.m., and she writes with a pencil.