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Internet Denial

One prolific writer finds he works best when he hasn’t been online. He declares his writing days “No Internet Access” days and won’t go online until he is done with his ‘creative and productive’ time.  Another writer is adamant about this. “If you use a computer, turn off your Internet. I know that is hard to do but you also know you will get twice as much done that way.”

As a writer, the Internet is a mixed blessing. With all the library resources and the amount of reputable information avenues available online, research is a breeze. Scouting out reputable sources is a snap. But it is easy to get lulled into the “mind-numbing” aspects of the Internet like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, EBay, gaming websites, and the like.

Try to resist the lure of the Internet when you are writing. Your word count will thank you for it!