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Internet Thieves


This week has been especially challenging with writing-related issues. A fellow I've been doing some work for has been creating some new e-book covers for my published e-books as some of mine are pretty pathetic, I’ll admit. When I uploaded the third new e-book cover to Amazon and resubmitted it, I got an email back from Amazon saying that they did a routine check and that my work is available online for free; offering books online for a lower price than they are being offered for on Amazon violates Amazon's policy of having the lowest price. They removed the e-book and I have 14 days to basically prove to them that it's not me but copyright thieves that are giving away my books for free. I found the book on over a dozen different file-sharing web sites and crap sites available to anyone who clicked the 'Download' button. I was so irate! I spent forever emailing the websites and sending them DCMA notifications and dealing with this nonsense. I searched for my other e-books and most were available for free on a few sites. One site had all of my books. I emailed Amazon back hopefully with enough info to get me off the hook. This whole situation is so frustrating. I would much rather spend my time writing than dealing with Internet thieves.