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Literary Lunatic

I've always been a “live and let live” kind of person. Humans are strange creatures that make decisions that I rarely understand. But I don't judge, I just shake my head in puzzlement before putting it out of my thoughts (or tucking it into the back of my mind for writing fodder.)

I have more patience for writers than I do for regular humans. I respect the creative process and know to the marrow of my bones that we all approach the craft differently and in the way that works best for us. Rarely does anyone else understand our logic and that's part of the beauty of writing.

All that said, a writer said something to me the other day that made me want to grab a cast-iron frying pan and smack her upside the head; my first thought was that she was a literary lunatic. She said she wrote the best words she has ever written and as they are not worthy of her current writing project, she'll save the words for a future one. What the hell!!?? Whatever project you are working on should be the best it can possibly be. The logic of savings 'literary gems' for a more worthwhile project is bizarre. Maybe she should strive to turn whatever she is currently working on into something that is worthy of those gems. Crazy! Lucky for her she was just sharing her thoughts with me, didn't ask my opinion, as I wouldn't have been able to hold back that I thought she was off her rocker.

Whatever you are working on today should be the best it can be. Whether it is a really rough first draft or the final touches on the next great best seller, it is worthy of nothing but the greatest you can do at that moment.