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More Writers Advice to Their Newbie Writing Self

Jock Mackenzie, the President of Red Deer Writers’ Ink, has published a teacher reference book on essay writing and not published a crime novel, Dealing with Dymans. He shares what he would tell himself when he was just starting on his writing journey, if he could go back in time. 

“Dear Jock,

Hang on! You are about to embark on a satisfying, challenging, humbling, frustrating, edifying, interesting, and endless journey. If you’re looking for pay, go another way. The paying that’s important on this voyage is paying attention. Pay attention to all of the details of life. Keep a pen and notepad (or higher tech device) with you at all times to note the quirky and the poignant, the minute and pervasive. Look and listen and feel and smell and touch knowing you will have the chance to put sensations into words. Watch for what’s good and uplifting to share with your readers. Watch too for the dark because we also learn by observing what not to do, but don’t dwell there. Read as widely as possible and, once again, pay attention to what moves you and why it moves you. Strive to be the best you can be - and have as much fun along the way as you can - and celebrate any and all successes.”