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Penning a Book Series

Aaron A. Lehman is the author of the Dog Island book series. He shares his book series journey, “My first book, Mystery on Dog Island, was the result of a course from Institute of Children’s Literature, a work that took over five years. While writing the end of this book, I realized my story still had some life, so I finished it in a way that I could write Return to Dog Island. I then started planning for a third book (North of Dog Island) and making this story into a trilogy. I did not plan to make a series, but it developed as I wrote the story. My advice is to write a good story, and if you think it works best for one book, finish it off. If you think it still has some life, finish it in such a way that you can add a second or third book if you wish. Many people ask if I’m writing a fourth Dog Island book. I say no, this is a trilogy. However, if you read my books you will see that my characters still have a lot of life. Never say never. I may have a dream!”
If writing a book series is your dream, go for it!