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Spreadsheet Your Time

One way to find more writing time is to figure out where your time is already going. Many people are unaware of how they actually spend their minutes and hours. Consider making a spreadsheet for every day for a week and break it down into 15 minute intervals. Spend the next seven days filling out the spreadsheet as to how you spend every 15 minute time slot. I think you’ll be shocked by what you see after a week. This is especially helpful for people who look back at their days and wonder where all the time went. Doing the spreadsheet will help you see where your time is going and will aid you in finding new ways to inject writing time into your schedule.

Instead of scrambling to find more time to write, manage the time you have more effectively. I have a hunch that you can adjust your schedule to find a way to squeeze in more writing.

Bestselling author Nora Roberts may have said it best, “You don’t find time to write. You make time.”

P.S. Happy birthday to my leap son!