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The Joys of Google Docs

I’m not typically one to rave about a product unless it changes my writing life. Today I am going to rave about Google Docs.

I am certain there are other programs out there that do the same thing as Google Docs but I doubt any of them are easier for a non-techie like me to use. I have used Gmail for years - love that, too - and logging in to Google Docs through my Gmail takes the click of one button. Can’t beat that! Even better is that I can access it easily through any computer, making it unnecessary to email work to myself like I used to have to do, sending it from one device to another. As a bonus, I love the fact that my work is backed up online and I won’t easily lose writing projects.

A huge feature for me is the voice typing feature. Again, I know it’s not a new concept but with my stuttering, I haven’t found a program until now that keeps me from spending more time correcting the mistakes than if I’d typed the words myself to begin with. Google Docs gets me and my voice; the errors it makes are usually mine, not a shortcoming on the part of Docs.

A number of the magazine editors I write for use Google Docs once we are at the editing phase. Docs is simple and straightforward, just takes one click to agree to make the changes the editor suggests. You can also type notes to each other in the side column, a handy feature.

Google Docs is an all-in-one tool that can make your writing life easier. If you are on the hunt for a software program that can revolutionize your writing, check into Docs. Happy writing!