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The Math of Writing

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I have always loved numbers. In fact I have a university degree in accounting. There's something about the perfection of numbers I am addicted to, likely the fact that they are black and white with no grey areas, unlike the rest of life. Two plus two always equals four. The circumference of a circle is always Pi multiplied by the radius squared. The likelihood of me craving chocolate on any given day is always 100%. Numbers are perfect and beautiful.

And nowhere are numbers more perfect than when it comes to writing. 250 words. Think about how relatively minor 250 words is. I'd wager you can easily pound out 250 words in fifteen minutes or less. Whether longhand or on a keyboard, you can write 250 words a day. In one year’s time, that mere 250 words per day will give you a 91,250 word manuscript. No matter what project you are undertaking, 91,250 words is either more than you need to complete the work or it will be pretty darn close to the end. What an accomplishment! If you take weekends off, after a year you will have 65,179 words, still an impressive sum.

Let math be your friend and work with you to meet your writing goals. All those small writing allotments will add up big time!