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Thoughts on Coming Up With a Title

What if you’re stumped and can’t think of a title, even a mediocre one? Give brainstorming a try. Find a quiet spot and grab a piece of paper and your favorite writing instrument, one that allows you to write fast. Close your eyes and think about your book for a couple minutes. Run through it chronologically in your mind. When you get to the end, open your eyes and jot down the first 20 titles that come to mind. Twenty seems like a lot but trust me – don’t even think about the number, just start writing. Much of what you end up with will be garbage but you might have a gem in the pile.

If you are still stuck, type “title generator” into an online search engine and you’ll see a number of title generating websites come up. The sites let you plug in some key words and ideas for titles pop up. You may not find an ideal title but it can help if you are desperate for ideas.

Some writers find that perusing poems, song lyrics, and other artful words has led them to phrases that make suitable titles. The next time you have the radio on, try focusing on the words. Or when you are walking through a bookstore, grab a random book of poetry off a shelf.

Finding the perfect title for your work is a journey, one that you can enjoy if you put your mind to it. Good luck!