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To Blog or Not to Blog?

What is a blog? Think of it as a diary you post on the Internet. People who can e-mail have the technological ability to host a blog.

Chris Bubny, Director of Community Development for Blogging Systems, shares his thoughts, “New media marketing tools such as blogs are being used to share information, attract search engines, and demonstrate expertise. Blogs provide a low-cost, high-results tool for networking, community building, and collaboration.”

How do you start a blog? Chris Bubny explains some options, “There are several providers that offer blogs at no cost or for a nominal fee such as,,, and Signing up is quick and easy and generally there are a fair amount of customizable features.”

Make your blog effective by doing the following:

- Make your blog easy to read.

- Write in your own voice and with passion.

- Post on a regular basis - consistency is key.

- Ask your readers/visitors for feedback.

- Link your blog as much as possible.

Stay tuned - next week we'll cover the pros and cons of blogging.