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What NOT to Include in a Writer’s CV

What doesn’t a CV include? Don’t touch on the following facts or you’ll probably do more harm than good with your CV:

- what you charge or any other aspect of payment issues

- hobbies or interests you have unless they directly relate to your writing

- total number submissions you’ve made to literary agents or editors

- the number of unwritten works that are lingering in your head

- the number of words you’ve churned out in your lifetime

- contests you’ve submitted to that you didn’t receive any acknowledgement for

- the fact that your mother thinks you should be on The New York Times bestseller list

Use your common sense and your writing instincts when determining if it’s better to include a tidbit of information in a CV or leave it out.
Coming up int he next two blog posts, we will touch on what you can use your CV for and get editor's opinions on the value of a polished writing CV.