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Write Away at the Write-In

Today I attended a Write-In, as the event organizer called it.  Held at the community centre in Crossfield, a town 15 minutes north of where I currently live, the Write-In was a day slated to do just that – WRITE.  It started at 9 a.m. when we checked in and paid our $25 to cover the cost of the room rental and the catered breakfast and lunch.  We even had name placards to put in front of us on whichever table we chose to sit at.  Myself and the other dozen scribes who showed up all wrote furiously (or typed on our laptops in most cases) until noon when lunch arrived.  We ate a hearty bowl of beef barley soup and meat and cheese sandwiches.  Carrot cake rounded out the meal. 

After a little too much socializing and discussion of our writing backgrounds, we got back to work.  People started trickling away around three which was easy to understand; six hours of focused concentration on nothing but writing fries some people’s brains a little bit. 

By the time we wrapped up at five o’clock, I was ready to go.  Yet I was impressed with how much I had accomplished.  Focused writing time will do that to you!

I have over six hours of focused writing time at home, five days of the week for most part.  But writing at home is different as the distractions screaming your name never go away.  There’s another load of laundry begging to go in the washer, a dog that would love to go for a long walk, and dinner that needs to be thought of.  All the more reason I was grateful for the Write-In today.  I can’t wait for the next one!