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Writers and Their Future Plans

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We can all learn a thing or two from plans that writers have for their future.

When I embarked on discovering what plans writers have in their literary future, I thought most replies would have to do with time; finding more of it, making better use of it, etc. But only Fred Elford, author of Sometimes, I Fly, mentioned it more than in passing, “I don’t think I am very efficient in the use of time. One thing I am going to do is create a period of time in which I do nothing but things I can clearly and legitimately attach to either getting writing done or becoming a better writer. Since I have never been a disciplined writer, I need to create a disciplined approach to my writing. I have hated discipline from childhood and now find myself needing it! Irony.”

Marni Fullerton leads one of Canada’s most successful independent entertainment production companies, Fullerton Features Inc., and is a writer. She shares her future plans:

  • Write more every single day and not be overtaken by the To Do list.
  • Write fewer e-mails and call people more.
  • Remain brave and passionately committed to my ideas and not second guess them.
  • Remain focused.
  • Embrace editing with joy rather than dread for more often than not what seemed brilliant the night before is NOT.
  • To slow down and fight back the never ending push to be faster and faster in crafting.

“Writing takes time and insights can’t be forced regardless of deadlines looming,” Fullerton mentioned.

I challenge you to picture where you want to be ten years down the road in your writing journey. Keep that in mind as you go about your writing life. The future is filled with exciting possibilities!